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  • A Life of Music, Margaritas, and Entrepreneurship

A Life of Music, Margaritas, and Entrepreneurship

A fairwell to everyones friend -- Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett: A Life of Music, Margaritas, and Entrepreneurship

Jimmy Buffett is a name synonymous with island vibes, catchy tunes, and a laid-back lifestyle. Born on December 25, 1946, in Pascagoula, Mississippi, Buffett has become a legendary figure in the world of entertainment, known for his iconic music, colorful lifestyle, and successful business ventures.

Entertainment Career

Jimmy Buffett's journey into the entertainment industry began in the late 1960s, but it was in the 1970s that he truly made his mark. His breakthrough came with the release of the album "A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean" in 1973, which featured the hit song "Why Don't We Get Drunk." However, it was his 1977 album "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes" that catapulted him to stardom. This album included the timeless classic "Margaritaville," which remains one of his most famous songs to this day.

Buffett's music is often referred to as "Gulf and Western," a blend of country, folk, and rock with lyrics inspired by his love for the Gulf Coast, sailing, and a carefree island lifestyle. His songs often transport listeners to a world of sunny beaches, swaying palm trees, and leisurely afternoons.

Over the decades, Buffett has released numerous albums, each filled with songs that resonate with his devoted fan base, known as "Parrotheads." His concerts are legendary for their energetic performances and the sense of escapism they provide. He's not just a singer-songwriter; he's a storyteller who invites his audience to join him on a musical journey.

Personal Life

Jimmy Buffett's personal life has been marked by several marriages and a close-knit family. He has been married three times. His first marriage was to Margie Washichek in 1969, but the couple divorced in 1972. He then married Jane Slagsvol in 1977, and they had two daughters, Savannah and Sarah. Unfortunately, this marriage also ended in divorce in 1986. In 1991, Buffett married his current wife, Jane Slagsvol, and they have a son together, Cameron.

Successes and Achievements

Buffett's success in the entertainment industry is nothing short of remarkable. His achievements include:

Iconic Music Career: Jimmy Buffett's music has sold millions of albums worldwide. He's known for hit songs like "Margaritaville," "Cheeseburger in Paradise," and "Come Monday," which have become classics and continue to receive airplay.

Lifestyle Brand: Beyond music, Buffett has built a lifestyle brand with "Margaritaville." This brand includes restaurants, hotels, merchandise, and even a clothing line, all inspired by his music and the carefree beach lifestyle he promotes.

Broadway Musical: In 2017, Buffett ventured into the world of Broadway with "Escape to Margaritaville," a musical based on his songs. While it had a limited run, it showcased his ability to expand his creative reach.

Bestselling Author: Buffett is also a successful author. He's written novels, short stories, and memoirs, including "A Pirate Looks at Fifty" and "Tales from Margaritaville," which became bestsellers.

Philanthropy: Buffett is involved in various charitable endeavors. He co-founded the Save the Manatee Club and has supported conservation efforts and disaster relief initiatives.

Challenges and Resilience

Despite his enduring success, Jimmy Buffett has faced challenges along the way. One notable setback was a plane crash in 1996 when his seaplane ran out of fuel and crashed into the water off Nantucket. Buffett and two others on board survived, but the incident was a sobering experience. He later wrote a song called "I Will Play for Gumbo" inspired by the crash.

Business Ventures

Jimmy Buffett's business ventures are a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to turn his music and persona into a successful lifestyle brand. His key business endeavors include:

Margaritaville Restaurants: The "Margaritaville" restaurant chain offers a casual dining experience infused with the tropical atmosphere and laid-back vibe that Buffett's music celebrates. They serve a menu inspired by his songs, including items like "Cheeseburger in Paradise" and, of course, a variety of margaritas.

Margaritaville Hotels and Resorts: Margaritaville resorts and hotels provide guests with an immersive experience of the Margaritaville lifestyle. These properties offer beachfront accommodations, tropical-themed decor, and a range of amenities, including pools, spa services, and entertainment options.

Margaritaville Merchandise: Buffett's brand extends to a wide range of merchandise, including clothing, beachwear, home decor, and accessories, all featuring the Margaritaville logo and tropical motifs.

LandShark Lager: In partnership with the Anheuser-Busch InBev brewing company, Buffett launched LandShark Lager in 2006. This lager is often associated with the Margaritaville brand and is a popular choice among those looking to enjoy a taste of the beach lifestyle.

Latitude Margaritaville: In collaboration with Minto Communities, Jimmy Buffett embarked on a unique project known as "Latitude Margaritaville." These are active adult communities designed to provide residents with a retirement lifestyle inspired by Buffett's music and philosophy.

Philosophy of Life

One of the most enduring aspects of Jimmy Buffett's personal life is his philosophy of living life to the fullest and embracing a laid-back, carefree attitude. This philosophy, often referred to as "Parrothead" culture, encourages people to escape the ordinary and seek their own slice of paradise, even if it's just for a moment.


Jimmy Buffett's life is a rich tapestry of personal and professional achievements. From his iconic music career to his multiple marriages, philanthropic efforts, and diverse business ventures, he has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment and popular culture. Buffett's enduring appeal as a musician, author, and entrepreneur continues to bring joy to generations of fans who are drawn to his music and the paradise he sings about. Sadly Jimmy has passed away as of September 1, 2023 and we remember all of his contributions to the world with great admiration.