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  • Government Policy, Immigaration, and Woke Culture

Government Policy, Immigaration, and Woke Culture

It's all BS!

Government Policy and Rise of "Woke" Culture:

June 10, 2001:

- In 2001, government policies were primarily focused on national security following the 9/11 attacks. These policies resulted in increased government surveillance but had not yet addressed the emerging "woke" culture and associated issues. Prior to 9-11-2001 “We The People” were at some levels still a FREE CITIZENSHIP.

June 10, 2023:

- By 2023, government policies had not only responded to security concerns but also grappled with the complexities of the "woke" culture. The rise of social justice movements led to discussions about the balance between freedom of speech and protecting individuals from online harassment or hate speech.

- Policymakers had to navigate between ensuring security and addressing concerns about online privacy and freedom of expression. The liberal left and the RINO right have been complacent in fighting for the average American citizen. They have allowed a minority of politically and socially correct (Make Everyone Feel Good) “WOKE” individuals playcate to minority interest that are anti-American, anti-religon, and even anti-white ideas to drive national policy.

Daily Living and "Woke" Culture:

June 10, 2001:

- In 2001, daily life was not as affected by the "woke" culture. People were primarily concerned with national security measures, which included increased airport security and surveillance.

June 10, 2023:

- By 2023, "woke" culture had permeated daily life, with social media serving as a platform for discussions and activism. Citizens experienced a heightened awareness of social issues, which sometimes led to self-censorship or careful navigation of online spaces.

- Concerns about online privacy grew as individuals shared personal information and opinions on social media, making them vulnerable to harassment and doxxing. Those who are not deemed to be Woke are attacked on all fronts and are subject to social shamming, censorship, assult, and prosecuted or simple thoughts or opinions.

Privacy and Security Amid the Rise of "Woke" Culture:

June 10, 2001:

- In 2001, privacy and security discussions revolved primarily around government surveillance programs, with the USA PATRIOT Act expanding the government's authority to collect data for national security purposes.

June 10, 2023:

- The rise of "woke" culture introduced new dimensions to privacy and security. Online activism often involved the sharing of personal information, raising concerns about the safety of individual data.

- Government surveillance efforts, coupled with debates around online censorship and cancel culture, contributed to discussions about the tension between individual freedoms and the need to protect individuals from harassment and hate speech.

Illegal Immigration and Security Concerns:

June 10, 2001:

- In 2001, concerns about illegal immigration primarily centered on border security and the potential for undocumented individuals to enter the country undetected.

June 10, 2023:

- By 2023, illegal immigration remained a contentious issue, tied to debates about national security, economic impacts, and social integration. Border security measures had intensified, reflecting heightened security concerns.

- The intersection of immigration and security raised questions about the balance between protecting borders and respecting the rights of migrants. During the Donald Trump administration the border became more secure that it has ever been in the history of the country. When the Joe Biden administration gained power the border was virtually eliminated leaving us with a wide-open boarder that has resulted millions of illegal people breaking our national laws crossing over the border in mass waves of people. This is a direct contridiction to the security mechanisms put into place to enforce national security issues.

Personal Freedoms Amid Evolving Security and Privacy Issues:

June 10, 2001:

- In 2001, personal freedoms were primarily shaped by security measures in the wake of 9/11, with considerations about government surveillance.

June 10, 2023:

- Personal freedoms faced intricate challenges in 2023, with the rise of "woke" culture, online privacy concerns, and immigration debates. Citizens found themselves navigating a complex landscape where individual rights, social justice, and security intersected.

- The balance between personal freedoms, privacy, and security remained a dynamic and evolving aspect of American society, with ongoing discussions about how best to protect both individual liberties and collective interests.

In summary, the period between June 10, 2001, and June 10, 2023, witnessed significant changes in government policy, daily life, privacy, security, and personal freedoms for the average American legal citizen. The emergence of "woke" culture, debates around online privacy and censorship, and the continued prominence of immigration issues added complexity to the ongoing discussions surrounding individual rights and the role of government in safeguarding those rights.